Horse Care Service

Horse Care Service

Caper Lea Farm has been designed as a full-care short term boarding facility for special needs horse boarding care services and situations. We are fully licensed by the Maryland Dept of Agriculture Horse Industry Board.

The octagonal barn has six spacious stalls outfitted with slow-feed hay-grazers, overhead fans, privacy corners and great views from all angles: always other horses in sight.

Guest horses have access to private turn-out which ensures safety for your horse or horses. Each paddock has its own dry, softly bedded run-in shelter.

This boarding service works well for people traveling with their horses, for horses unable to travel with their people, for special-needs horses such as founder care, rehabilitative care, retirement care, etc.

Reservations are recommended.

Barn and Run In Shelters Inside of a Run In Shelter The Barn View from Inside Stall